Daily Prompt: Me Time

Daily Prompt

What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

I dont really know what my ideal Saturday morning is. Back in my country, my ideal Saturday morning would start by me waking up at 9am. Then, my mum would make breakfast for everybody. I always enjoyed her cooking! After breakfast most times, we would seat at the dining table and just talk, all four of us. I really enjoyed those times.

However, since i got to the US, it has been different. For sometime, i had swimming lessons at 8am on Saturday mornings. But since it stopped, i just sleep late into the night on Friday and wake up late on Saturday. Luckily, this prompt has given me an idea for today. Even though its past breakfast time (and i’ve not eaten), i’m going to recreate my mum’s Saturday breakfasts. This should be fun!!

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5 responses to “Daily Prompt: Me Time

  1. I love your Saturdays now. I never get enough sleep!!! Thanks for the pingback!!!

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  3. Thanks for the pingback 🙂 Those breakfasts do sound like fun 🙂

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