Daily Prompt: Dear Leader

If your government (local or national) accomplishes one thing in 2013, what would you like that to be?

I was stuck between which government to choose; the one i live in or where i come from. But i’ve decided to write this about my own country Nigeria.

In my country, we dont have constant power supply like other countries. This means that the power goes out quite regularly. When i was much younger, the agency that controlled power supply was called National Electric Power Authority, NEPA for short. One of the first few things a child learnt was to say “Up NEPA” whenever the lights went out. I knew other countries had constant power supply but i never really experienced it until the first time my family went on vacation to Dubai. There was always power when we needed it.  Now, i’m living in the United States and as you all know, the only time power goes out is in cases of storms and other emergencies.

Anyways, back to the prompt. The thing i wish my government would accomplish in 2013 is constant power supply. If there was an improvement in the electricity, it would generally lead to an improvement in lifestyle. People would be able to start businesses that require constant power supply. Its not like we dont have the resources to do this. We supply 2 neighboring countries with power and one of them celebrated 3 years of uninterrupted power supply last year. All we need is the management.

I sincerely hope my government can accomplish this in 2013. My country is already a good place to live but if this is accomplished, it would become an even better place.


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