My Awesome weekend!!!

Today, i’m just going to ignore the prompt and tell y’all about my weekend. On Friday, me and a group of students and advisors from my school left Tampa to attend the Florida International Leadership Conference (FILC) which took place at a camp in Altoona.

The drive to the camp was interesting. I got to know the other students better, we talked about each other’s cultures( we were all international students from different countries) and we played some music. We wanted to stop on the road to have lunch and we had trouble deciding where to stop. So, the advisors asked us if we had ever eaten at Cracker Barrel before and it turned out none of us had. We had lunch at cracker barrel and continued on our journey.

We finally got to the camp at about 3pm. We registered, got our cabin numbers and took our luggage in. After that we gathered in front of the dining hall with all the students from other schools. We were divided into groups and did team building activities. This was really fun because i got to know my team members; their names, their different countries and their schools.

After the team building activities, we had dinner. i got have Lasagna for the first time, and i found out that i liked it. We had a keynote speech, after which we went to the bonfire and then to the coffee house. At the coffee house, we got to play board games and have snacks until midnight when we all went to our respective cabins.

On Saturday, we had a general session, and three breakout sessions. After that we had free time. And this is the fun part; i went Canoeing. That was the first time i had ever been on water(not a pool) and it was really exciting. I also played Basketball and discovered that i’m actually good at it. That was a revelation to me because i had always thought that i was not good at any sport.

In the evening, we had a spirit show which was followed by a dance. Even though i’m not a very good dancer, and i’m self conscious when i dance, i still went out to dance. And i had so much fun doing it.

In all, I got to meet great people, i had a blast and i truly went out of my comfort zone. It was AWESOME.

P.s: I was supposed to post this on Sunday but i was too tired. Hope y’all had a great weekend too!!!! 🙂


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5 responses to “My Awesome weekend!!!

  1. Ah, Ms. Pretty, that’s is a lovely experience and I am so happy for you that you thoroughly enjoyed yourself. Do it again, get out of your comfort zone and you will be amaze the kind of experience you’ll get. Thank you for sharing your weekend with us.

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