Culture of Competition

I decided to do an educational post today. This is actually something i wrote for my Phi Theta Kappa competitive edge blog. Hope you like it!

What are the reasons why some people refuse to compete? What are the consequences?

Competition can be defined as the act of contending for something. Although many people are scared  of competing, most people overcome or ignore their fears and go ahead to compete. However, there are some people who still refuse to compete. Why? One may ask.

One reason some  people refuse to compete is because of pride. Some people feel that they are better than others and they dont want to come down to the level of competing with them. They feel if they were to compete with others, they would most definately win and so there is no point wasting their time competing.

Also, although everybody has at least a little bit of competitive spirit in them, some people do not explore their’s. Some people just stay away from competition because they feel that  they are not good competitors.

Another reason  most people refuse to compete is the fear of being defeated or loosing to someone.  Naturally, we all want to be winners and in so many competitions, there can only be a few winners. Some people have good sportmanship spirit while others do not. Some people find it difficult to accept defeat and therefore they try to avoid competing as much as possible.

Healthy competition is very essential to the society. For example, competition in industries help to increase the quality and quantity of goods/services provided. Also, competition helps us as humans to succeed. Competion sort of pushes us in a way toward our success. Therefore, if people refuse to compete, there  would be no motivation to succeed. Also, competition leads to growth; both for us as individuals and for the society as a whole. If there was no competition, we would be stagnant.

Healthy competion is very essential, and therefore, it should be strongly encouraged. 


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