My 100th Post (Daily Prompt)

Daily prompt: National Poetry Writing Month is nearly at at end. To celebrate it, try your hand at some verse. 

I tried so hard to make rhymes, but i guess i’m not the best poet. Anyways, here it goes:

Every time i look at you, 

I ask myself why?

Why did it have to be you?

Why did i have to fall in love with you?

It hurts to know you would never love me back

But still I’ll never look back

Because loving you was not a mistake, It was a gift

Though my heart is filled with grief

I would be eternally grateful 

for having the opportunity to meet you,

Yes, You!


About prettywitgla33es

Hi! I'm a college student currently living in Pennsylvania. I'm young, and taking life one step at a time, learning new things, trying new things, and striving to become a better person every day. Hope you like my post. Make sure to click the "like" and "follow" buttons! Love, **xx Prettywitgla33es

7 responses to “My 100th Post (Daily Prompt)

  1. Love your poem! It describes the exact premise on which, an upcoming dating site, is based…a missed connection. Would you mind if I reblogged this?

  2. Your poem is way better than mine. I like it.

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  5. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Love this poem! It describes the exact premise on which is based…a missed connection. Worthy of a reblog =). Great job!

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