Prayers for Oklahoma

Some of us in Tampa were complaining about the few trees that fell due to the storm we had today. I’m pretty sure the people in the tornado-striken Oklahoma town would have preferred a storm with few trees on the ground.
My heart goes out to everyone who has been injured due to this tornado, and also to everyone who has lost a family member. And finally, for those people who are still out there, I hope they are all found safe.
As you go to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow, remember those people who do not have the comfort you

have because their lives have been thrown into chaos. Send out your prayers to them. And for those of you who are closer to them, and are in positions to help, please help them.
Hugs to everyone affected in one way or the other


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One response to “Prayers for Oklahoma

  1. Dear God, have mercy on the people of State of Oklahoma. Amen.

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