Cheers To a Pope That Knows Being Gay Is Not a Sin


Today at church, the priest’s sermon was about the most recently talked about interview that Pope Francis gave. Right there in the church, i thought to myself; “i have to write a post about this”. I’ve always considered myself a “knowledgeable third party” when it comes to issues regarding Catholicism. This is because although i’m not a catholic, everyone in my mom’s family is, so i know a lot about catholic doctrines. (I presently attend my aunt’s church which is catholic)

The one comment that stood out to me from the interview was the pope’s reaction to homosexuals. He mentioned that he had gotten a few letters from homosexual people who felt that the church had cast them out( not his exact words). He asked if God looks at homosexual people differently. This, my dear friends is what everyone should think about before opening their mouths to call gay people sinners. 

This issue is particularly close to my heart because I’m black, and i know that not too long ago black people were in this same situation. It really hurts me when i see posts from people that indirectly promote homophobia in the name of christianity. Would you say being black is a sin? So why would you say being gay is a sin.

My greatest hope is that one day, children would study  history in their classrooms and they wouldn’t be able to comprehend the fact that there was once a time when gay people didn’t have the same rights and when some christians thought that being gay is a sin. I also hope that the day is not too far away.

Cheers to Pope Francis for being a true model of christianity. Even Jesus himself did not condemn the people that were considered sinners in his time (e.g the woman who commited adultery), so who are we to judge.

Even though i dont know much about any other religion, I’m pretty sure that any ethical religion would be against making other people’s lives miserable. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Have a wonderful week!

**xx Prettywitgla33es


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24 responses to “Cheers To a Pope That Knows Being Gay Is Not a Sin

  1. Excellent post, Ms. Pretty. I am so glad the Pope is here to confirm what I know all along. We are born this way and it is not a SIN at all. Who are we to judge. Jesus did not condemn the woman who committed adultery. The woman is not the SIN, adultery is. True, as a non-Christian, you sure know more than me. God Bless you. Seeker.

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    Ms. Pretty has something to tell me and I would like to share it with you. She is one smart person.

  3. Many thanks to seeker for sharing your excellent post…

  4. Thanks for this post. So good to hear an inclusive message being preached in the Catholic Church. I was raised catholic, as was The Husband, and we switched to the United Church of Canada because it is inclusive and welcoming. I love that my children are part of a spiritual community that welcomes and loves people of all backgrounds and lifestyles.

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  6. Francis Philip

    It is good that you like Pope Francis’ position. He is sincere in the fact that it is Jesus Christ who is the Judge of what is in a person’s heart, not the Pope.

    Now, not too long ago, people did discriminate against people of color (some still do today unfortunately). However, that had absolutely nothing to do with sin. There was absolutely no connection between having a different color of skin and because of this, one was deemed a sinner of one degree or another. There are certain cults like Mormonism which delved into that domain but which has extricated itself out of that ridiculous position by changing its doctrine over the last few decades…perhaps because it realized just how ridiculous their doctrine was. But this was not a Catholic Church teaching/doctrine/dogma.

    The Pope is simply not judging the person, which is exactly what Christ commands: do not judge lest you be judged. While we don’t judge the guilt of a person, we can certainly judge the act that a person commits and assign responsibility or culpability for that act. The Pope still holds very strongly what the Scriptures have always taught: the homosexual act is a sin. That truth can not change. But this does not mean the sinner is condemned because the sinner has a same-sex attraction problem.

    Remember when the Pharisees brought the “woman caught in adultery” in front of Jesus Christ to ask Him what to do to the woman (expecting Jesus to be bound by the “law” which said the punishment for adultery is death by stoning.)? What did Jesus say? He did not say, “Stone her to death.” He also did not say, “Hey, everyone struggles with temptation, so let them do what they want.” No, but after telling her that He did not condemn her, he said, “…do not sin again.”

    “Do not sin again.” This is not permission to continue on in adultery and fornication because we don’t know how to temper our sexual activities. No. Jesus Christ, the Just Judge expects this – for people to repent, to obey and to stop sinning – to not sin again.

    So the Catholic Church, with the Pope, accepts all sinners into care, but this is for repentance and healing. The sick are called to see the Doctor; the sinners are called to see the Savior. They are not called to continue to be sick – to continue to die in their sinfulness. Many of the sick and sinners reject the Catholic Church because the Church calls them to healing and repentance when they don’t want to be healed or saved.

    So, indeed, it is not sinful to be gay, meaning, to be a person who struggles with same-sex attraction. But it is sinful to commit fornication which occurs precisely when people of the same sex engage in any sexual activity whatsoever or when people of the opposite sex engage in sexual activity outside of marriage.

  7. Well spoken…and I too am becoming a fan of the new pope. I’m a Catholic who hasn’t been so “into” the Church teachings these days. I can’t help thinking…it’s another corporation/government/institution run by old, white men who are indoctrinating young, white men into follow their lead. This is one sheep who doesn’t like being led around by the nose without exercising my own brain cells.

    • Francis Philip

      Why “white men”? What does that have to do with the Church? The Church is INTERNATIONAL WITH ALL COLORS. Catholics know this, of course.

      • I agree that the Church is International, but are any of the “movers and shakers”…black? Asian? Indian? Pakistani?…men of color? Seems to me most men in power are white-skinned. Just an observation based upon…facts.

      • Francis Philip

        YES. Do you research. Watch EWTN for starters. One of the men favored to be elected for Pope last winter was African. He would have been embraced completely. Cardinal Arinze would have been a candidate if he had not retired. Facts! Do you research. Oh, and an African-American priest renewed my and my wife’s vows last February. FACTS. And he replaced the former Haitian-African-American priest who was a medical doctor AND a doctor of philosopy in addition to being a licentiate in Theology and an expert violist. These are facts.

      • Thank you for setting me straight. But you seem…angry. Don’t be. I’m not challenging you. We all have our perspectives based upon our views of the world, and our own experiences. Obviously, you’re experiences are different from mine. I wouldn’t say that either of us had a corner on the market as regards all the facts. Let’s agree…we can disagree. 🙂

      • Francis Philip

        I get very concerned when people judge when Christ explicitly tells us not too…and people get hurt when they are judged rashly.

      • Then let’s not either of us…judge the other. 🙂

      • Francis Philip

        Great idea. Thank you 🙂

      • You’re most welcome…

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