College Life : Tips and tricks (#1 Choosing Classes and Professors)


So I spent a lot of time visiting the blogs of people that follow me, and i found out that a number of you guys are college students. I love sharing my experiences with people and hoping that it helps them. Recently, I have found myself in a couple of positions where i’ve had to give advice to my fellow college students (mostly new students). As an International Student Ambassador, many of the new students remembered me from orientation and from time to time they stop me around campus and ask me questions. I am also the chair of my PTK chapter’s mentoring commitee. I would like to share a few tips with you about college (you might have learnt some of them already). I would be posting new tips and tricks every Saturday from now on.

Choosing Classes and Professors

One of the most important things while in college is choosing your classes. Some schools have a set of classes that students must take to complete their major. If you are in a school like that, good for you! However, more schools nowadays are having open curriculums where students are allowed to pick the classes towards their major. If you find yourself in this situation, the first thing you need to ask is which classes are most important for you. It is also best to note that most classes usually last at least 10 weeks, so you do not want to take a class that you would be miserable in.

As for choosing professors, I found that most people go by the ratings on While the site is extremely useful to get an insight on what the professor is like, the ratings are not always a true judge of the professor. I find that most of the bad ratings come from students who do not do their work, and somehow expect a teacher to give them good grades. So be weary about those online ratings, they are sometimes not right.

Since registration for classes for spring has started in some schools, I hope this post is useful for all the students out there reading.

For those of you who are not college students but have gone through this process, feel free to leave your advice/ tips in the comment section below.

Thank you very much for reading.

**xx Prettywitgla33es


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3 responses to “College Life : Tips and tricks (#1 Choosing Classes and Professors)

  1. Good advice. Glad I don’t go to school anymore.

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