Prettywitgla33es One Year Anniversary!!!


Wow! I cant believe it’s been one year already since i started blogging. When I started this blog, i never imagined i would have people who actually read my blog posts regularly. I’ve also found blogs that i visit so often, that i feel like i know you guys.

I’m very grateful to everyone who has visited my blog this past year, left a comment, or even followed me. I’m happy you guys found my posts worthy of your time.

Thank you very much! I love you guys

**xx Prettywitgla33es


About prettywitgla33es

Hi! I'm a college student currently living in Pennsylvania. I'm young, and taking life one step at a time, learning new things, trying new things, and striving to become a better person every day. Hope you like my post. Make sure to click the "like" and "follow" buttons! Love, **xx Prettywitgla33es

13 responses to “Prettywitgla33es One Year Anniversary!!!

  1. ✿ܓ (◕‿◕) Congratulations and many happy years yet to come.

  2. Gosh, we are of the same age, Ms. Pretty. Keep calm and keep on blogging. Congratulations.

  3. Congrats on your first anniversary blogging. I’ve still got a few weeks to go. I appreciate your stopping by and following my blog.

  4. MG

    Congratulations! Hope I can get that far.

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