College Tip #3: Ways to Save Money as a College Student


I’m sorry i missed blogging last week. I had to go to a museum for my art class, and we were pretty much there all day.

So today’s tips are on how to save money while you are in college.

1. Reduce the amount you spend every day on things like coffee, and movie tickets: I am not saying that you should give up coffee; i understand that you might need it as a college student. All i’m saying is that you could buy a cheap coffee maker and save a lot of money from that instead of going to Starbucks. Also, why not rent a movie and eat microwave popcorn with your friends instead of spending $10 on a movie ticket.

2. Get a room mate: Rooms on campus are usually cheaper if you choose to have 1 or more roommates. Even if you live off campus, having a roommate would help to reduce the cost of rent. Who knows, you might even become lifelong friends with your roommate!

3. Buy used books: Books can be really expensive. Why not buy used books and save some money. Some sites and stores that sell used books might even save you up to 50%.

4. Sell back your books: There are some books you have that you know you might never open again after the class has ended. Why not sell it back for some cash?!!

5. Use Cash: As a college student, try as much as possible to avoid using a credit card. Also as convenient as a debit card can be, try to avoid it too. The best way to spend is to pay with cash. Paying with cash helps you to be conscious of how much you are spending, and believe it or not, it saves you money.

Hope you find these tips helpful.

Feel free to comment on how you save or saved money as a college student.

Thank you for reading!

**xx Prettywitgla33es


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