College Tip #4: Becoming An Active Student


Hope your week went well?! 

This weeks tips are on how to optimize your time in college by being active. All colleges have different activities and clubs that students can be involved in. The best thing for you to do as a freshman is to find out about the clubs or activities in school that you might be interested in. To do this, you can look on your school’s website for information about the clubs, or you can  attend one or more of their meetings or activities to see if you like it.

As a college student, being active helps to develop other aspects of your life. You get to learn and experience things that you would not learn in the classroom. You also get to make friends. Usually people do not get to make friends with their classmates, Meeting outside of class gives you more opportunities to do so.

For community college student who plan on transferring to a four year college, being active makes you stand out from other students. No matter how good your GPA is, having a resume filled with activities would always give you an edge. It makes you even more competitive than your fellow students.

If you are not yet an active student, I hope you look for opportunities to become one. And if you’re already active, keep up the good work! 🙂

Hope you find these tips useful.

Thank you for reading.

**xx Prettywitgla33es



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