College tip #5: Making the best of the holidays

So the holidays are fast approaching! For some of us, it has even began. Here are some tips to make the best use of the holidays:
1. Go home: If you can, try to spend the holidays with your family. I know that it is hard for all students to go home. For example, international students might not be able to go home to their families during this period. If you find yourself having to stay in school for the holidays, look for people in the same position as you. It is better to spend your holidays with people than to stay alone throughout.
2. If you have a roommate staying in school, try to do something nice for your roommate before you leave. For example, you can give him/her a Christmas gift before you leave. Also, try not to rub the fact that you are going home in.
3. Prepare for next semester. It might seem like it’s too early to start preparing for the next semester, but trust me, it’s not. Usually, school starts in the second week of January. That gives you little time to prepare, so it is better to start now.
Hope you guys find this useful.
Thank you for reading
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