Updates- Visiting Nigeria, Transferring to Lycoming, Seeing snow for The first Time

I’m sorry I’ve not posted anything in a while. I have reasons for that. I was in Nigeria for a month, spending the holidays with my family and friends. I was very glad to be back home and I really enjoyed it. Guess it’s true what they say; There’s no place like home!

Also, like I might have mentioned I was in the process of transferring from my old school last semester. Yes, I did like my old school but it was a community college. I finished my Associates Degree in December, 2013 (Yay!! 🙂 ) So I had to transfer to a new school to work towards getting my Bachelors Degree. Although I didn’t get into the school I wanted, I got accepted into 6 good schools. The one I eventually chose to go to is a school in Pennsylvania, Lycoming College. I realize now that the only reason I wanted to go to that other school is because of the possibility of full financial aid which is rare for international students. Anyways, Lyco  not only has my major, they also have a minor I wanted which the other school didn’t have. They also have a good Pre-law program which is great since I’m planning on going to law school after graduation. So yeah, it all worked out perfectly.

Since I chose Lycoming, I had to move to Pennsylvania. I came back from Nigeria a week after school started so I moved the next day after I arrived in the US. I had so many things, so I couldn’t fly. My aunt drove me all the way to Pennsylvania from Florida. We left Florida at 6pm and we were on the road all night, and arrived at Lycoming at about 3pm the next day!  It’s been really cool though- I got to see snow for the first time!

Long story short, I’ve been really busy these past couple of weeks, and that is the major reason I’ve missed blogging.

I missed you guys!! 🙂

**xx Prettywigla33es

P.s watch out for College Tip #6 after this post


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