Happy Nigerian Independence Day

Hey guys!

As some of you know, I’m Nigerian. Today is Nigeria’s independence day, and I’m posting a poem submitted by a friend back in Nigeria.


Nigeria we hail thee !!

The pride of Africa, the joy Of the whole earth. You have Overcame the reigns of colonization. External, internal and frontier wars You have put under foot , Total strangers coming as one, Our culture, our pride, our heritage, With one goal, one purpose and one desire, To build a nation, where peace and justice shall reign

Nigeria we hail thee!!

Once upon a time, we looked All around to ascertain where We stood, but all we could see Was boulevard of burdens, Stress, regrets and aspirations We lived in our own world, Where bizarre moments is the Order of the day, we till the Ground and rend the soil, Bathing in our own sweat While the skies mocked and the heavens laughed little did we know, The treasure is beyond the soil.

Nigeria we hail thee!!

How blessed is the soil of thin womb That feed the whole earth , from Green revolution to feeding the nation, From the north to the south, the west And in the east, beyond the soil Lies the well flowing with oil and gas The well of “sweet and light” that shines Light on the blackness Of our great continent and reflect To the whole world, “the stone Which the builder rejected has now Become the chief of the corner. Nigeria! The wealth of nations proudly blacks.

After 50yrs in the quest to unravel what lies Beyond the soil, Shell finally arrived the Promised Land Blessed is “oloibiri” among the lands, City Of the greats that house the well of light and sweet in 1956. Warm merriment gladdens our heart , We celebrate the providence of God to the black race, not knowing The best is yet on the way. The oil flowed and kept flowing and flowing Through the shores of Africa and even to great nations; life Without end at at last. Nigeria! A Nation set on the hill, Cannot be hidden.

Shell “bell the cat” with the Forcados And bonny terminals, Mobil followed in the Pace (with high resolution 3-D seismic Technology) by founding the “Qua iboe” Terminal, while Chevron, Agip and Texaco make do with The “Escravos, Brass and Pennington Terminals respectively. Four decades of exploration, the well is still flowing and flowing, the well of life. Nigeria! “ igi gogoro Ma gun mi loju…” Take heed not to kill the hen that lays golden egg , the soil is crying, the greens are dying , only time will tell.

Our hope, our fear, our prayer To you “o God of creation” Help the ‘Incorruptible’ to revisit Our foundation in the greens, that the Well may keep flowing evermore, Direct our noble course; guide our leader’s right, Help our youth the truth to know In love and honesty to grow To build a nation, where peace and justice shall reign,

Nigeria we hail thee !  #GodBlessNigeria. BY: OGUNDELE OOEYEMI DAVID. (O.O. David)


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One response to “Happy Nigerian Independence Day

  1. O.O. David...

    Tosin Good to know you ‘re a proud Nigerian! #GBN!

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