College Tip #6: What To Do When You Have A Not-so-nice Professor

There are times when you register for a class, and on the first day of class you find yourself not liking the professor. Most people’s response to this situation would be to drop the class. However there are a couple of things you can do, and steps you can take to see if it gets better.
1. Go to class: As hard as this might sound since you don’t like the professor, you need to do it. Attending class regularly, and paying attention would often make difficult professors go a tad bit softer on you. Everybody likes it when people listen and pay attention to them. Trust me, that professor is not an exemption.
2. Go to their office hours: I know this also sound hard. It is more difficult to be alone with someone you don’t like. But this also helps. About 90% of students never go to see any of their professors during office hours. Being among the 10% that does gives you an advantage.
3. Make sure you are not the one with the problem: Sometimes, the professor might be nice, and you are just the problem. You need to make sure that you are being a good student, and not giving the professor a hard time.

If any of these tips don’t work, then you may consider dropping the class. Remember, if you stay in that class and you still don’t like the professor, there is a good chance that your grade would be lower than if you had taken the class with someone you like. Note, the drop in grade will not be the professors fault.

Hope these tips are helpful!
Thanks for reading!
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Updates- Visiting Nigeria, Transferring to Lycoming, Seeing snow for The first Time

I’m sorry I’ve not posted anything in a while. I have reasons for that. I was in Nigeria for a month, spending the holidays with my family and friends. I was very glad to be back home and I really enjoyed it. Guess it’s true what they say; There’s no place like home!

Also, like I might have mentioned I was in the process of transferring from my old school last semester. Yes, I did like my old school but it was a community college. I finished my Associates Degree in December, 2013 (Yay!! 🙂 ) So I had to transfer to a new school to work towards getting my Bachelors Degree. Although I didn’t get into the school I wanted, I got accepted into 6 good schools. The one I eventually chose to go to is a school in Pennsylvania, Lycoming College. I realize now that the only reason I wanted to go to that other school is because of the possibility of full financial aid which is rare for international students. Anyways, Lyco  not only has my major, they also have a minor I wanted which the other school didn’t have. They also have a good Pre-law program which is great since I’m planning on going to law school after graduation. So yeah, it all worked out perfectly.

Since I chose Lycoming, I had to move to Pennsylvania. I came back from Nigeria a week after school started so I moved the next day after I arrived in the US. I had so many things, so I couldn’t fly. My aunt drove me all the way to Pennsylvania from Florida. We left Florida at 6pm and we were on the road all night, and arrived at Lycoming at about 3pm the next day!  It’s been really cool though- I got to see snow for the first time!

Long story short, I’ve been really busy these past couple of weeks, and that is the major reason I’ve missed blogging.

I missed you guys!! 🙂

**xx Prettywigla33es

P.s watch out for College Tip #6 after this post

Merry Christmas!

Hey guys!

i just wanted to take the time to wish you a very merry Christmas. I hope you get the chance to enjoy the holidays. 

Have fun!

**xx prettywitgla33es

College tip #5: Making the best of the holidays

So the holidays are fast approaching! For some of us, it has even began. Here are some tips to make the best use of the holidays:
1. Go home: If you can, try to spend the holidays with your family. I know that it is hard for all students to go home. For example, international students might not be able to go home to their families during this period. If you find yourself having to stay in school for the holidays, look for people in the same position as you. It is better to spend your holidays with people than to stay alone throughout.
2. If you have a roommate staying in school, try to do something nice for your roommate before you leave. For example, you can give him/her a Christmas gift before you leave. Also, try not to rub the fact that you are going home in.
3. Prepare for next semester. It might seem like it’s too early to start preparing for the next semester, but trust me, it’s not. Usually, school starts in the second week of January. That gives you little time to prepare, so it is better to start now.
Hope you guys find this useful.
Thank you for reading
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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving guys! And to my Jewish friends, happy thanksgivukkah!!
I’m so thankful to have you guys in my life 🙂

College Tip #4: Becoming An Active Student


Hope your week went well?! 

This weeks tips are on how to optimize your time in college by being active. All colleges have different activities and clubs that students can be involved in. The best thing for you to do as a freshman is to find out about the clubs or activities in school that you might be interested in. To do this, you can look on your school’s website for information about the clubs, or you can  attend one or more of their meetings or activities to see if you like it.

As a college student, being active helps to develop other aspects of your life. You get to learn and experience things that you would not learn in the classroom. You also get to make friends. Usually people do not get to make friends with their classmates, Meeting outside of class gives you more opportunities to do so.

For community college student who plan on transferring to a four year college, being active makes you stand out from other students. No matter how good your GPA is, having a resume filled with activities would always give you an edge. It makes you even more competitive than your fellow students.

If you are not yet an active student, I hope you look for opportunities to become one. And if you’re already active, keep up the good work! 🙂

Hope you find these tips useful.

Thank you for reading.

**xx Prettywitgla33es


College Tip #3: Ways to Save Money as a College Student


I’m sorry i missed blogging last week. I had to go to a museum for my art class, and we were pretty much there all day.

So today’s tips are on how to save money while you are in college.

1. Reduce the amount you spend every day on things like coffee, and movie tickets: I am not saying that you should give up coffee; i understand that you might need it as a college student. All i’m saying is that you could buy a cheap coffee maker and save a lot of money from that instead of going to Starbucks. Also, why not rent a movie and eat microwave popcorn with your friends instead of spending $10 on a movie ticket.

2. Get a room mate: Rooms on campus are usually cheaper if you choose to have 1 or more roommates. Even if you live off campus, having a roommate would help to reduce the cost of rent. Who knows, you might even become lifelong friends with your roommate!

3. Buy used books: Books can be really expensive. Why not buy used books and save some money. Some sites and stores that sell used books might even save you up to 50%.

4. Sell back your books: There are some books you have that you know you might never open again after the class has ended. Why not sell it back for some cash?!!

5. Use Cash: As a college student, try as much as possible to avoid using a credit card. Also as convenient as a debit card can be, try to avoid it too. The best way to spend is to pay with cash. Paying with cash helps you to be conscious of how much you are spending, and believe it or not, it saves you money.

Hope you find these tips helpful.

Feel free to comment on how you save or saved money as a college student.

Thank you for reading!

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Why I’m Not Here for #WhiteGirlsRock

Olivia A. Cole


The Black Girls Rock! Foundation was founded in 2006 as an organization dedicated to the empowerment of young women of color; a foundation committed to helping black and brown girls overcome the myriad of obstacles a misogynoiristic society places squarely in front of them. The Black Girls Rock! Awards are now featured on BET as a way of recognizing role models, encouraging teachings of self worth, and emphasizing the talents of extraordinary women of color who are otherwise unseen in American media.

Let me emphasize that last part. “Women of color who are otherwise unseen in American media.” We need Black Girls Rock! because black girls and women are almost invisible in American media. Because if you were a black girl growing up in this country, watching TV and movies and reading magazines like every other kid, looking for some representation of yourself as something beautiful or heroic, you would…

View original post 725 more words

Black Girls Rock

I just saw this article on the Huffington post and I thought i should share it with you guys.

Thoughts? Comments?

Prettywitgla33es One Year Anniversary!!!


Wow! I cant believe it’s been one year already since i started blogging. When I started this blog, i never imagined i would have people who actually read my blog posts regularly. I’ve also found blogs that i visit so often, that i feel like i know you guys.

I’m very grateful to everyone who has visited my blog this past year, left a comment, or even followed me. I’m happy you guys found my posts worthy of your time.

Thank you very much! I love you guys

**xx Prettywitgla33es

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